All Sorts of Tables

Occasional & Side Tables

Bleached teak side table – R1300

W 61cm x D 37cm x H 63cm

Teak table – R1300

W 61cm x D 45cm x H 73cm

Beech wood side table – R1350

W 61cm x D 61cm x H 51cm

Pair of round teak side tables – R1300

Diameter 30cm x H 34cm

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Nest of Imbuia tables – R2200

Large : W 60cm x D 40cm x H 48cm

Medium: W 52cm x D 38cm x H 43cm

Small: W 43cm x D 35cm x H 36cm

Was R2200

Now R2100

Tall round table - R1 450

Left: Oak side table – R650

W 36cm x D 41cm x H 47cm


Right: Cuban mahogany side table – R650

W 29cm x D 29cm x H 38cm

Painted Birch wood side table – R695

Diameter 65cm x H 47cm

Occasional table - R1 350

W 62cm x D 62cm x H 67cm

Was R1350

Now R1300

Imbuia side table – R1350

W 73cm x D 53cm x H 42cm

Heavy Birchwood side table - R1 300

W 61cm x D 61cm x H 47cm

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Solid Teak coffee table – R1350

W 60cm x D 60cm x H 50cm

3x Teak side tables – R1100 each

W 41cm x D 41cm x H 50cm

Painted side table - R1 250

W 64cm x D 53cm x H 52cm

Oregon pine side table – R750

W 42cm x D 30cm x H 41cm

Retro side table – R1 550

To be refurbished

W 71cm x D 55cm x H 56cm

Oak side tables:

L - R650....W 33cm x D 33cm x H 50cm

Was R795

Now R650

SOLD - R - R750...W 37cm x D 37cm x H 46cm

Dining & Kitchen Tables

Oak table – R3100

W 93cm x D 66cm x H 76cm

Sanded; still to be varnished

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Cherry wood round table – R2950

D 1.4m x H 75cm

Was R2950

Now R2600

6-Seater dining table – R2200

W 1.5m x D 91cm x H 76cm

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Rock solid Oak table – R4400

W 1.3m x D 76cm x H 77cm

Was R4400

Now R3900

Steel framed table – R1450

W 70cm x D 70cm x H 73cm

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Oak round extendable table – R2400

Diameter 1.25m x H 77cm (1.65m extended)

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Solid Teak table – R3200

Diameter 1.05m x H 77cm

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Oval oak dining table – R4400

W 1.53m x D 1.06m x H 77cm

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Oval dining table – R2 600

W 1.83m x D 1.22m x H 77cm

Painted 6-seater Pine table – R1 550

W 1.2m x D 87cm x H 78cm

Round Pine table – R1200

Diameter 77cm x H 1.09m


Painted drinks trolley – R1800

W 84cm x D 44cm x H 82cm

Sapele trolley – R1650

W 88cm x D 58cm x H 75cm

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Imbuia tea trolley – R2100

W 85cm x D 46cm x H 76cm

Was R2100

Now R1950


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Painted table/workbench on castors - R1600

W 91cm x D 91cm x H 83cm

Long & narrow "bar/sushi" table – R3800

W 2.13m x D 41cm x H 94cm

Pop Up Shop table – R1450

W 1.2m x D 90cm x H 94cm

Metal & plywood workbenches - R1 300 each

W 1.2m x D 90cm x H 94cm

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Heavy hall table/kitchen island – R1950

W 1.1m x D 50cm x H 93c

Coffee Tables

XL Coffee table – R3200

W 1.64m x D 91cm x H 44cm

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Solid Mahogany 18mm thick glass top coffee table – R2 600

W 99cm x D 69cm x H 43cm

Oak coffee table – R2 400

W 1.23m x D 90cm x H 47cm

Sanded & varnished

Oak coffee table – R2 900

W 1.01m x D 1.01m x H 46cm

Birchwood coffee table – R2100

W 1.02m x D 54cm x H 48cm

Sanded & varnished

Was R2100

Now R1850

Oak coffee table - R2 200

W 1.23m x D 90cm x H 44cm

Oregon Pine coffee table – R2400

W 1.2cm x D 90cm x H 47cm

Mahogany coffee table – R3800

W 1.4m x D 80cm x H 48cm

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Coffee table with rattan bottom shelf – R1 850

W 1.21m x D 71cm x H 43cm

2-Tier coffee table (Beechwood & metal frame) – R1 550

W 86cm x D 44cm x H 46cm

Imbuia glass top coffee table – R2100

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2 tier glass coffee table – R2 200

W 1.4m x D 81cm x H 45cm