Couch - R4600

Width 1.9m

Upholstery in good condition, firm foam

Couch - R3800

W 1.26m x D 75cm x H 92cm

(seat height 43cm)

Couch - R3400

W 1.26m x D 75cm x H 92cm

(seat height 43cm)

2-Seater benches - R3600 each

W 1.36m x D 65cm x H 36cm

Wingback couch - R2500

Upholstery project


Couch - R2600

W 1.26m x D 67cm x H 1.1m

Kiaat benches - R2400 each or R4700 per pair

W 2.2m x D 35cm x H 46cm

7 x available 

Wooden bench - R850

W 98cm x D 31cm x H 45cm

Super heavy and durable Balau bench - R3600 each

W 1.8m x D 43cm x H 47cm

Suitable for outdoor use

3 x available

2 x Painted benches – R1350 each or R2500 per pair

W 1.62 m x D 35cm x H 46cm

Wooden bench/coffee table with iron detail - R2200 each

W 1.36m x D 40cm x H 40cm

3 x available

Armchairs & rocking chairs

Teak Morris armchairs - R2800 each

Armchair - R1850

Oak Morris chairs - R2800 each

Large foldup easy chair - R1750

Wingback armchairs - R4600 each

As good as new

Teak chairs with woven seats - R4800 per pair 

Teak side table - R1650

W 56cm x D 56cm x H 57cm

Original Swedish leather recliner - R6600

Has maker's plaque

Chair - R1350

Needs to be reupholstered

LeisureTeak patio chairs - R2400 per pair

R4700 for four

R7000 for six

Weylandts patio chair - R1100

Tradewinds patio chair - R950

Malawian chairs - R1550 each


Vintage armchair – R2950

W 82cm x D 90cm x H 83cm

(seat height 52cm)

Stripped chair with beautiful frame (upholstery can be arranged) - R1100

Teak carver chair – R1100

Oak armchair (L) - R1350

Carver (R) - R1550

Morris chair - R3100

Pair of oak Morris chairs - R8400

Couch - R4600 SOLD

Pair of chairs - R6400

Rocking chair – R1550 

W 53cm x D 65cm x H 84cm

Armchair - R2200

An upholstery project

Sapele Mahogany armchair (left) - R1950

Ashwood armchair (right) - R2200

Office chairs - R1600 each

Meranti armchairs - R1700 (as is) each

Sanded  R1900

12 x Available

Footstool - R650 each or R1200 per pair

Armchair - R1700

Newly upholstered chair - R2200

Newly upholstered chair - R2200

Sanded chairs - R1900 each

!2 x Available

Morris chair - R2400

Oak chair - R1350

Octagonal side table - R1350

W 61cm x D 61cm x H 48cm

Morris chair -R2400

Dining & desk chairs

School chairs - R1800 per pair

Oak chair - R950

Asian style bentwood chair - R1150

Pair of leather seat chairs - R1800 each or R3500 per pair

W 50cm x D 50cm x H 86cm

Pair of upholstered chairs - R2200

Total of 4x available

Oak chairs - R950 each

Oak chairs - R950 each

Oak chairs - R950 each or R1800 per pair

Oak dining chairs – R1100 each or R2100 per pair

4 Available

KH Woodcraft

Carvers chair - R1200

! x Available

Slight damage on seat - R650 and R750

Art deco chairs - R950 each or R1800 per pair

Mahogany side table – R850

Diameter 54cm x H 39cm

Contemporary chairs -

Left - R850 SOLD

Right - R600

Bentwood chairs - R1100 left

R950 right (seat damaged)

4 x Oak/soft grey dining chairs - R2200 per chair 

Dining chair - R650

Chair - SOLD

High back dining chairs – R850 each or R1600 per pair

4 chairs available

Oak dining chairs - R 750 each or R1400 per pair

Carved dining chairs - R950 each 

5 x chairs available

Oak chairs - R1100 each (vinyl back & fabric seat)
We have 3x available

Antique oak rattan seat chairs - R1100 each

Seat height 42cm

Dining chairs - R850 each

6x dining chairs with reupholstered seats - R2500 per pair

 Bar chairs and stools

Metal leg stools/plant stands - R750 each

Seat height 65cm

Metal leg counter stools - R650 each

Seat height 65cm

Cane bar stools - R1400 per pair

Seat height 74cm

Pair of pine stools - R1200

Height 60cm

Pine stool - R450

Height 70cm

Felt upholstered ottomans - R1250 each or R2400 per pair

9 x available

Felt upholstered ottomans with embroidery - R1250 or R2400 per pair

2 x available

Oak stools:

Left ('riempie' damage in the centre) - R450

W 31cm x D 31cm x H 33cm

Right riempie stool - R550

W 31cm x 31cm D x H 33cm 

Bar stools


W 44cm x D 30cm x H 67cm


Wooden stools - R1400 per pair

H 72cm

Bar stool - R700

Seat height 74cm

Malawian chair - R1550

Bar stools - R2500 per pair

Seat height 77cm

Ceramic stools - R2250 each or R4400 per pair

Height 38cm

Wicker bar stools - R2200 per pair

Bar table and stools

Tables - R1750

W 80cm x D 80cm x H 1.12m

Stools - R800 each

Height 74cm

24 x barstools available

Floral foot stools - R1200 per pair

W 53cm x D 26cm x H 30cm

Cherrywood stool - R850

Bar stool/plant stand - R400

Kitchen chair - R550

Leather seat - R1950

W 65cm x D50cm x H 44cm

Counter chairs - R1700 per pair

Seat height 65cm

Barstools - R850 each or R1600 per pair

Seat height 65cm

Counter chairs - R850 each or R1600 per pair

Seat height 65cm

Wrought iron barstools - R2200 per pair

Height 84cm

4x available

Wrought iron barstools - R2200 per pair

Height 82cm

4x available

Patio and Cane & rattan chairs & couches

African stool - R850

Height 47cm

White cane patio chair - R650

Wicker patio chair (single) - R1150

Wicker chairs: R300-450

All stable but with some imperfections... 

5 x Available

Cane chair - R1450

Cane chairs - R2400 per pair

6 x available

Fold-up patio chairs - R950 each

Wicker bar stools - R2500 per 

Seat height 67cm

Only 2 x Available

Cane two-seater couch - R2200

Cushion included

Wrought iron green painted patio chairs - R2800 per pair

4 x available

Cane chairs - R950 each or R1800per pair