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Couch – R5 400

W 1.85m D85cm H 95cm

Was R5400

Now R4400

2-Seater couch - R3200

W 1.1m x D 80cm x H 96cm

Was R3200

Now R2200

Armchairs & rocking chairs

Spoonback rocking (the best) chair – R2400

Was R2400

Now R1950

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Mid-century armchair - R3400

Was R3400

Now R3100

Kiaat armchair frame (an upholstery project) – R1350

Sanded and varnished

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Sanderson Solid Armchair – Great Condition

Was R6200

Now R5600

Bentwood rocking chair – R2200

Was R2200

Now R1950

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Rocking chair – R2100 including a coat of paint

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Teak armchair – R1850

Dining & desk chairs

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6x Imbuia collapsible chairs – R2400 per pair

Painted chairs with vinyl seats – R950 each

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Metal frame school chairs – R750 each

Pair of Birch wood dining chairs – R2200 per pair

Little Beech wood chairs – R750 each

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Pair of Oak dining chairs – R2200

Was R2200

Now R1950

Bentwood chair – R1100

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Birch Cottonwood chair – R1150

Was R1150

Now R1100

Birch dining chairs – R1200

Only one left

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High back dining chairs - R2200 per pair

Single mid century chair - R1200

Saligna office chairs (fabric slightly torn) - only one left

Was R1150

Now 950

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Sapele chair - R1250 each R2400 per pair - 3 available

Beechwood chairs – R950 each or R1800 per pair

Antique Sapele Mahogany chair – R950

Art Deco dining chair - R850

Painted chair - R650

Yellow and one orange birch and metal frame chairs – R650 each or R1200 per pair

Purple birch and metal frame chairs – R650 each or R1200 per pair

Blue birch and metal frame chairs – R650 each or R1200 per pair

Yellow metal frame chairs – R750 or R1400 per pair

Blue metal frame chairs – R750 or R1400 per pair

Red metal frame chairs – R750 or R1400 per pair

Green metal frame chairs – R750 or R1400 per pair

Art deco Kiaat chair – R1100

Teak chair - R1100

only 1x available

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Oak dining chairs – R2200 per pair

Black (Oak) chair - R950

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Incredibly comfortable chrome office chairs – R1350 each

4x chairs available

Was R1350 each

Now R1200 each

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Dining chair – R1200

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6x Oak dining chairs –

R1 900 per pair

Pair of Teak dining chairs - R2200

Only 2 available

Was R2200

Now R2100

Vintage oak chair - R650

Metal & vinyl office chairs -

Left: R850

Right: R1 150

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Slipcover dining chairs – R1600 per pair (4x chairs available)

Was R1600 per pair

Now R550 each or R1000 per pair


Birchwood and metal bench – R2200 – W 1.64m x D 30cm x H 44cm

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2 benches – R1750 each or R3400 per pair – W 1.7m x D 35cm x H 49cm

Bar chairs and stools

Bar stool (only one available) - R850

Maple bar chairs with upholstered seats – R1400 per pair - 4x chairs available

Corners of seats slightly torn

Pair of Oak bar stools/plant stands – R950 each or R1800 per pair – W 28cm x D 28cm x H 78cm

Chunky Cherrywood bar stool – R950 – W 31cm x D 34cm x H 71cm

Stinkwood rattan stool (left) – R750 – W 31cm x D 331cm x H 35cm

Imbuia riempie stool - R250

Cane & rattan chairs & couches

White cane Peacock chair – R3200 – W 86cm x D 46cm x H 1.37m

White cane armchair – R1450 – W 93cm x D 63cm x H 86cm

Cane patio armchair - R1100

Was R1100

Now R950

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Mahogany and wicker bench – R2100 – W 1.15m x D 64cm x H 98cm

Was R2100

Now R1950