Display cabinets

Cupboard - R7600

W 1.26m x D 46cm x H 1.78m

Cupboard - R5400

W 76cm x D 47cm x H 1.2m

Display glass cabinet - R7400

W 1.14m x D 38cm x H 1.65m

Cabinet - R3900

W1.06m x D 48cm x H 1.92m

Art deco cabinet - R6400

W 1.07m x D 40cm x H 1.52m 

Display cabinet - R4400 

W 1.07m x D 34cm x H 1.21m

Cabinet - R5400

W 1.02m x D 43cm x H 1.18m

Filing cabinet - R4200

W 84cm x D 40cm x H 97cm

Art Deco lead glass cabinet - R5200

W 1.07m x D 35cm x H 1.45m

Cabinets - R3200 each or R6200 per pair

W 1.9m x D 45cm x H 68cm

3x available

Another 3 x cabinets available

W 2.08m x D 45cm x H 68cm

Cabinet - R4400

W 84cm x D 45cm x H 1.16m

Filing cabinet - R4800

W 1.15m x D 42cm x H 90cm

Display cabinet - R5800

W 1.38m x D 40cm x H 1.2m 

Mahogany side board - R4200

W 1.04m x D 46cm x H 90cm

Cabinet - R5400

W 1.15m x D 62cm x H 1.61m

Pigeon hole cabinet-R4400

W 91cm x D 43cm x H 97cm

Filing cabinet - R3800

W 65cm x D 47cm x H 1.27m

Filing cabinet - R3800

W 53cm x D 64cm x H 1.3m

Large cabinet – R12 000

W 1.36m x D 64cm x H 1.74m

TV stand - R2800

W 1.6m x D 43cm x H 60cm

Tall display cabinets with adjustable shelves – R7200 (each)

Both are fitted with an inside light

W 60cm x D 49cm x H 1.9m

4x Single stackable filing units - R450 each 

2 Available

Each unit: W 46cm x D 66cm x H 33cm

Grey glass door cabinet – R3900 

 W 1.25m x D 74cm x H 1.65m

Handles to be added

Grey Filing cabinet – R1850

W 49cm x D 64cm x H 1.32m

Tall glass cabinet – R6600

W 92cm x D 30cm x H 1.67m

Vintage trunk on stand - R1550

W 77cm x D 45cm x H 76cm

Display cabinet - R4600

W 95cm x D 40cm x H 1.26cm

Metal cabinets - R2200 each or R4200 per pair

W 58cm x D 45cm x H 81cm


Sideboard - R4800

W 1.7m x D 42cm x H 82cm

Art deco sideboard – R5800

W 1.38m x D 53cm x H 1.02m

Contemporary sideboard-R5200

W 1.53m x D 47cm x H 85cm



Pair of grey pedestals – R1100 per pair

W 40cm x D 45cm x H 62cm

Tall pedestal – R1450

W 43cm x D 36cm x H 79cm