Height adjustable vintage standing lamp - R1950

Chandelier – R1450

Height - 70cm

Tall standing lamp – R950 (grey painted chrome)

H 1.43m

Pair of table lamps – R680

H 68cm

Pair of chrome bedside lamps – R395

H 37cm

Birch standing lamp – R1400

H 1.54m

Painted table lamps (grey) – R650 per pair

H 57cm

Vintage metal angle poise lamp – R750

Ceiling light (excl bulbs) - R895

Diameter 75cm x H 40cm

Ceiling light/pendant - R950

Diameter 44cm

Was R950

Now R850

Tall wood carved table lamp – R1150

H 68cm


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Solid Teak bevelled mirror - R2100

W 82cm x H 1.13m

'Metal plated' mirror - R1400

Diameter 58cm

Cream mirror - R 1 150

W 63cm x H 85cm

Wooden box mirror – R1150

W 64cm x H 64cm x D 9cm

Wall Art

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Oil painting - R1850

W 77cm x H 1.02m

Carved wooden wall art -

R1 050

W 69cm x H 69cm

Was R1100

Now R1050

Framed print of jugs – R1350

W 71cm x H 82cm

Abstract oil on canvas – R850

W 76cm x H 76cm

Large gold and black frame print – R1 550

W 91cm x L 1.16m


Soda siphon - R395

Ceramic vase – R750

2x Shorter candlesticks – R395 each or R700 per pair

H 41cm

Tall candlestick – R550

H 60cm

Tall plant stand – R895

H 97cm


Large solid cane baskets – R950 each

W 48cm x D 40cm x H 61cm

Basket (top) - R250 (slightly damaged)

Basket (bottom) - R450

Basket (left): R495

Basket (right): R420


4 storage stack boxes:

Small – R295

W 25cm x D 15cm x H 12cm

Medium – R395

W 30cm x D 19cm x H 16cm

Large – R650

W 35cm x D 23cm x H 20cm

XL – R795

W 40cm x D 27cm x H 24cm

Metal medical & wooden box - R750 each

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Warranted best steel trunk" - R795

W 68cm x D 41cm x H 24cm


Black and beige carpet – R1450

W 1.6m x L 2.3m

Ceramics and stoneware

Large white ceramic urn – R1300

H 53cm

Ceramic planter pots

L - R380 (sold)

R - R320

2x Tall glass vases - R280 each

Assortment of wooden lamps...

Maroon ceramic "soup tureens" - Made in Rhodesia - R420 each

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"Poole" pottery crockery:

Coffee pot – R260

Tea pot – R295

Hot water jug – R195

Milk jug – R50

Sugar pot – R40

Egg holders – R25 each

Espresso cup & saucer sets – R75 each (1 saucer has a small chip)

Coffee/tea cup & saucer set – R95 each

Dessert bowls – R30 each

Soup bowls – R40 each SOLD

Fish plates – R40 each

Normal plates – R 50 each ( 1 plate has a small chip)

Side plates – R30 each (1 plate has a small chip)

“Snack” plates – R40 each

Snack dish with dip bowl – R395

Biscuit tray – R120

Bamboo jars - R350 each

Clay vase – R850

H 45cm

Brass, silver and iron

Copper bowls – R1100 each

Diameter 42cm

Fire place set: R950

Coal scuttle - R650

Tray - R250

Shovel - R150

Pewter candlesticks - R620 per pair

Jug (has small dent on the side) - R250

Bronze punch bowel & 12 x cups - R950

(1x cup is missing its 'arm')

Old brass coal scuttle – R750

H 52cm

Canon shell – R550

D 11cm x H 29cm

Canon shell – R850

D 15cm x H 35cm

SOLD - Pair of bronze candleholders - R750

Copper milk cans:

Left - R850 - H 37cm - SOLD Right - R395 - H 29cm

Painted milk can – R1 100

H 52cm

Left - R (height 65cm) -

R1 450

Right - R (height 43cm) -

R1 150

Coal scuttles - R 350 each

Height - 60cm

Plant stands and planters

Sapele Mahogany plant stand – R895

Diameter 30cm x H 81cm

Painted plant pot - R650

Diameter 45cm x H 60cm

Turquoise ceramic planter - R1 650

Diameter 46cm x H 60cm

Metal ornament - R750

Racks and hooks

solid magazine rack - R1100

Coat rack – R895

W 66cm x 16cm


Working typewriter - R950

Requires new ribbon

XL parasol base - R2 100

Diameter 3m x H 2.6m

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XL 5-panel screen – R5900

W 3m x H 2.1m

Was R5900

Now R4800