Lamp & shade - R550

Height 61cm

Wooden lamp & shade - R850

Height 70cm

Marble lamps - R2300

Height - 1.5m


Lamps left to right


Height 55cm


Height 32cm


Height 40cm

Brass wall sconces - R1100 each

W 30cm x H 55cm

Wooden candle holders:

R320 and R280

Table lamp - R1250

Height 58cm

(L) Standing lamp - SOLD

(R) Standing lamp - R1650

Height 1.31m

White lamps - R250 each

Height 43cm

Black lamp - R250

Height 46cm

Wooden standing lamps - R1750 each

Height 1.31m

Wooden lamps - R450 each or R800 per pair

Height 45cm

White lamp - R150

Shade - R150

Perspex lamp - R150

Shade - R150

Lamp - R440

Pair of lamps - R880

Height 59cm

Perspex & chrome lamps -

R495 – (height 44cm)

R150 – (height 38cm)

R150 – (height 27cm)

Table lamp - R1250

Height 52cm

Pair of wooden candlesticks - R340 each

Height 45cm

Colourful woven plate - SOLD

Perspex lamp - R150

Shade - R150

Height 37cm

Lampshade for hanging lamp - R250

Height 21cm

Pair of table lamps - R400 per pair

Height 35cm

Chrome lamps - R380 each (excluding shades)

Shades - R250

Height with shade included 44cm

Ceramic lamp - R750

Height 50cm

Clay lamp - R950

Height 60cm 

Pair of candlesticks(L) - SOLD

Height 78cm

Candlestick (R) - R750

Height 62cm 

Wooden lamp - R895

Height 56cm

Ceramic lamp - R950

Height 56cm

Lead glass standing lamp - R1850

Height 1.52m

Standing lamp - R1750

Height 1.58m

Cast iron ceiling light – R1150 

Pair of weathered wall sconces - R1200

Height 40cm

Pair of table lamps - R850


Chandelier - R1550

Diameter 44cm x H 52cm

Table lamp - R320

Height 40cm

Load shedding essentials


Block & Chisel mirror - R3400

W 90cm x H 1.2m 

Indonesian style wood framed mirror - R3400

W 1m x H 1m

Wicker mirror - R2400

W 70cm x H 1.40

Teak bevelled mirror - R1650

W 80cm x H 50cm

Mirror - R1350

W 50cm x H 67cm

Oak oval mirror - SOLD

Oak mirror - R850

W 53cm x H

Bevelled mirror - R2200

W 90cm x H 1.2m

Large frame - R2200

W 1.6m x H 1.2m

Mirror - R3200

W 1.2m x H 1m

Mirror - R1750

W 57cm x H 96cm

Bevelled mirror - R3400

W 90cm x H 1.2m

Mirror - R 4600

W 90cm x H 1.8m

Mirror - R3200

W 94cm x H 1.91m

Wall Art

Massive Mike Fitzpatrick 1996 print - R5400

W 1.34m x H 1.88m

Massive Mike Fitzpatrick 1996 print - R5400

W 1.34m x H 1.88m

Theo Paul Vorster art - signed prints, limited edition - R7000

(Selling new between R10-R15k each)

Blown away-Robben Island” 6/25

- 79cm x 65cm

Print - R1750

W 92cm x H 1.1m

Art - R1350

W 82cm x H 52cm

Print - R1350

W x 48cm x 58cm

Framed print “New York jazz” by Domingues - R1650

W 1.2m x H 90cm

XXL framed print - R3400

W 1.18m x H 1.48m

Large gold and black frame print – R950

W 91cm x L 1.16m

Framed print - R1800

W 80cm x H 1.05m

Print - R1150

W 58cm x H 76cm

3x Mike Fitzpatrick framed prints – R650 each

W 30cm x H 45cm

Framed print - R2100 each

W 1.18m x H 98cm

Left available

Framed print of jugs – R1200

W 71cm x H 82cm 

Lamp - R440

Charlie Chaplin print - R950

W 69cm x H 97cm 

Wood framed wall art - R1550

W 50cm x H 70cm

Cape Town water colour - R1200 - W 23cm x H 43cm

ST Bassett - Oil on canvas - R1650

W 78cm x H 62cm

Oak framed oil on canvas - R1100

W 55cm x H 45cm


Ceramic candlesticks - R450 each or R800 per pair

Height 30cm

Pair of wooden croquet mallets - R1200

Length 92cm

Pair of candlesticks - R820

Height 38cm

Candlesticks (Left to right)

R1600 per pair

R1300 per pair

White - R850

Short carved - R380

Straight lines - R295

Tall dark - R1800 per pair 

Vintage English Beech shoe lasts Small - R300 per pair

Large - R600 per pair – Size 5 to 9

Wooden panel - R1600

W 30cm x H 1m


Woven baskets:

R750 (medium: diameter 50cm)

One available

R950 (large: diameter 60cm)

Two available

Tatenda ceiling light – SOLD 

Tatenda yellow basket - R350 (diameter 46cm)

Woven wall art from Zimbabwe - R 950 each

Average of 50cm x 80cm

Baskets left to right

R950, height 92cm

R750, height 50cm

R650, height 43cm

R550, height 66cm


Storage box - R420

W 40cm x D 27cm x H 24cm


Carpet - R4600

W2.15m x L 3m

Repurposed Persian carpet - R3800

W 2m x L 2.7m

Beautifully worn carpet - R1650

L 2m x W 1.4m

Blue and beige carpet – R1500 

 W 1.6m x L 2.3m

Turkish Heris rug - R15 800

W 2.7m x L 3.45m

Wool carpet - R2800

L 2.5m x W 1.6m

Glass, ceramics and stoneware

R950 - height 46cm

R750 - height 21cm

Vases left to right:

R950 - height 37cm SOLD

Drostdy vase - SOLD

R650 - height 21cm

Assortment of glassware:

Left (2x available)- R950

Middle small - R450 (1x available)

Right back large (2x available) - R750

Assortment of glassware:

Left (2x available)- R950

Middle small - R450 (1x available)

Right back large (2x available) - R750

Vases - R240 each

Height 23cm

Vintage ceramic soup tureens –

R450 (H 18cm)  SOLD

650 (H 22cm)

Large platters - R350 each

(Some have tiny chips on the edge)

Ceramic urns - R750 or R1400 per pair

Tall clay vase - R550

Height 65cm

Ceramic vase - R550

Height 27cm

Hazel vases - R440 each

Large glass vase – R950 – Diameter 25cm x H 36cm

'ANOUK' ceramic vases - R1450 each

Height 25cm

English porcelain "Kirklands Etruria Embassy Ware - R950

Vases - R390 each

Charcoal vases - R440 each

Glassware - left to right





Selection of oxblood Salermo ceramics from Italy

DM for prices

Selection of oxblood Salermo ceramics from Italy

DM for prices

Lilac vase - SOLD

Boston vases pink - R420 each

6 x available

Bubble hazel vase - R440

2 x available

Boston vases - R420

Pleat vases - R390 each

Bubble vases - R440 each

Stoneware : Top left to right


R650 - height 28cm


Bottom left to right

R950 - height 36cm


Stoneware - R750 each

Sage vases - R390 each

Sage vases - R420 each

Hand blown glass vases - R750 each or R1400 per pair

Height 30cm

Ceramic bowl - SOLD

Ceramic vase - R420

H 22cm

Mervin Gers ceramics

Jugs - R850 each

Espresso cups - R300 per pair

Bowl - R650

'ANOUK' ceramic vases - R1450 each

Height 25cm

Milk jugs - R160

Selection of Murano ashtrays

Top left, to right:

Yellow: 440 SOLD

Navy: 680

Turquoise: 660

Orange: 820

Bottom left to right:

Pink: 620

Turquoise: 760

Green: 840

2 x Curved platters - R120 each

Narrow platter - R140

Egg holders - R100 for all 5

Sugar bowl - R35

Cups and saucers - R45 each

Coffee pot - R195

Tea pot - R295

Glass vases - R390 each

Lanterns - R360 each

Lanterns - R380 each


Flask 5l - R850

Flask 1l -R350


Amber - R320

Clear - R140



3l - R850

2l - R650

1l - R450


1 l-R180

2 l-R420

Candlesticks - R1150 each or R2200 per pair

Brass, silver and iron

Brass vases - R650 each or R1200 per pair

H 25cm

Plant stands and planters

Milk maid stool - SOLD

Plantstand/stool - R450

Height 76cm

Teak side table/plant stand - SOLD

Diameter 38cm x H 68cm

Teal plant stand - R1100

Plant stand - R850 SOLD

W 31cm x D 31cm x H 75cm

Oak side table - R650

Diameter 32cm x H 62cm 

Racks and hooks

Coat hanger - R950

W 80cm x H 15cm

Antique Tech

Kaiser & Sievers, Hamburg Analytical balance scale - R1250

W 37cm x D 28cm x H 44cm

Not in working condition

Typewriter - R950

Requires new ribbon 

Olivetti Lettera 31 typewriter – R950

Not in working order, requires fresh ribbon

Smith - Corona 80 year old typewriter – R1250


Coat rack - R750

W 45cm x D 34cm x H 1.1m

Dumb valet - R850

W 41cm x D35cm x H 96cm

Coat hanger - R1850

Height 1.96m

Imbuia coat hanger -SOLD

Saligna sword display - R2400

Throws - R650

Approximately W x 1.3m x L 2.7m

Hertex Haus scatter cushions (60cm x 60cm) – R550

Hertex Haus scatter cushion: yellow (40cm x 40cm) – R250

Pewter wine rack - R1150

W 36cm x H 70cm

XL wooden bowl - R1250

W 52cm x L 63cm

Towel rack - R750

W56cm x D 26cm x H 91cm

Vintage locker swimming basket (wire) - R350 each, only 4 available

W 40cm x D 17cm x H 95cm

Wood carved screen with light - R1850

W 78cm x D 9cm x H 41cm